HIST 103: “Development of the U.S. I”
HIST 225: “The Black Atlantic World”
HIST 328: “Atlantic Cultures, 1500-1800”
GLST 345: “Women’s Rights & Community Development in Ghana”
HIST 401: “History Seminar: The Atlantic Slave Trade in History & Memory”

UNC-Chapel Hill
AAAD 101: “The Black Experience to 1865”
AAAD 130: “Introduction to African American & Diaspora Studies”
AAAD 190: “Topics: Slave Culture & Resistance”
AAAD 258: “The Civil Rights Movement”
AAAD 290: “Topics: Slavery, Resistance, & Culture in the Circum-Caribbean”
AAAD 293: “The African Diaspora in the Americas”
AAAD 398: “Seminar in African American Studies”
AAAD 485: “Black Atlantic Crosscurrents”

Ohio State
AAAS 101: “Introduction to African American & African Studies”
AAAS 323: “History of African Americans in the Age of Slavery”
AAAS 485: “Society, Culture, & History in Ghana”
AAAS 565: “Atlantic World Slavery”


HIST 553: “Readings in African American History”
HIST 563: “Colloquium in African American History”
HIST 500: “The Historian’s Craft”

Ohio State
AAAS 669: “Slavery in Comparative Context”
AAAS 705: “Seminar in West African Societies & Cultures”
HIST 752: “Topics: Diasporic Communities & Cultures in Early North America”
AAAS 758: “Comparative History of the African Diaspora”
AAAS 759: “Topics: Cultures & Communities in the African Atlantic”